The Creative's Guide to Pricing


Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when pricing your services?
Are you ridden with anxiety every time you send out a proposal?
Are you working 24/7, but struggling to put money in your pocket?
Do you dream of scaling your creative business?
If so, allow me to introduce you to The Creative’s Guide to Pricing!

Part readable guide, part actionable workbook, this pricing guide is guaranteed to change your mindset and strategies around pricing!

It’s the exact resource I wish I had when I first started my calligraphy business (not to mention throughout the years every time I’ve come across a pricing dilemma), which is exactly why I created it!

Inside, you’ll find:
  • All the answers to every question you’ve ever had about pricing for your creative business
  • 65+ pages of insightful content over eight jam-packed chapters, covering topics like:

  • Over 30 actionable worksheets, templates, and exercises to help you create a profitable pricing plan for your business
  • Plus, get exclusive access to the Flourish in Business private Facebook Group full of fellow creative entrepreneurs at all different stages in business: it’s the perfect place to find motivation, helpful ideas, and answers from other creative business owners! We’re all about #communityovercompetition
  • The Creative’s Guide to Pricing is available as a digital, interactive PDF and you’ll have lifetime access so you can return to these exercises and templates anytime you need to update your pricing or figure out what to charge for a new project!

Please note, because this is a digital item, refunds are not available for this product.
  • The difference between hourly pricing and value-based pricing
  • How to find your confidence and say “no” to people who don’t see your worth
  • Increasing your prices and creating value around your services
  • Pricing custom work, rentals, stationery and more
  • Discounts, sales, coupons and giveaways
  • And so much more!