Hi! My name is Alane Gianetti, the hand behind Write Pretty for Me. I'm a Hoboken, NJ resident and full time creative with a passion for calligraphy and all things handmade.

When thinking about how Write Pretty for Me came to be, I can draw a pretty clear line right back to my childhood days. Growing up, I prided myself on my nice handwriting. I could always be found doodling on notebooks in different "fonts" (bubble letters were my favorite!) and playing around with the way I wrote - trying different scripts, big bouncy print, writing in all caps, etc. As I got older, I was the person friends would call when they needed something written out pretty. Always pursuing one creative outlet or another, my parents gifted me with a calligraphy kit for Christmas several years ago. From then on, I haven't been able to put down my pen! I love that I am able to create something with my hands that is personal and unique and that clients and friends can see the work and thought that goes into each individual project. One of my favorite things to hear is "I can't believe you wrote that by hand!"

When not lettering, I can be found reading, listening to music, enjoying a beer or wine with friends, or binging Seinfeld, the Office or Friends reruns. I love dogs, love food, and I'm always planning my next trip!

I love being able to bring peoples' visions to life and would love the opportunity to write pretty for you one day!


Photographs on this page courtesy of: Sam Bufalo